Thursday, August 23, 2007

ম্যাগ-লেভ Mag-Lev

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ভারতের মত উন্নয়নশীল দেশের কি উচিত ম্যাগ-লেভ ট্রেন (ম্যাগনেটিক লেভিটেশন অথবা চৌম্বক শক্তির দ্বারা উত্তোলিত ও ধাবিত চাকাহীন রেল) এর ব্যবহার শুরু করা ?

ডঃ পরমেশ ঘোষ এবং শ্রী প্রণব রায়চৌধুরীর ইংরেজীতে এই অত্যাধুনিক প্রযুক্তির বিষয়ে লেখা
সম্পূর্ণ প্রবন্ধটি পড়তে এইখানে ক্লিক করুন এবং এ বিষয় আপনাদের মতামত COMMENT করে এই পাতায় লিখে যান ।

Should India go for Mag-lev Trains ?

In the 20th century the speed of our material progress was vastly accelerated by the increase in our speed of communication; the transport by air let us deliver things in hours, which earlier took days. In the later part of the century, the Internet helped us communicate even further. It is now possible to pay for the goods almost instantaneously, while we still take time to deliver the goods. Airplanes help us transport small goods faster, but not the elephants and heavy goods. In this article, we are considering alternatives to airplanes – Maglev Trains that can help mass transport of goods as well as personnel that provides services.Various countries have already invested in Maglev Trains or have been planning to do so. We need to find out whether India affords Maglev Trains and whether Maglev trains will reduce the cost and bottlenecks of transporting people and material in India to increase GDP of India. We would perhaps find that other developed and developing countries would invest in the infrastructure including Maglev Trains, and if that happens, it could be possible to have an alternative for air travel, in countries connected by land.In this paper, we have reproduced ideas of many veteran scholars to lead others to research further whether India should invest in this new technology that is promising to bring a revolution.Need for Faster Transport & Introduction to Maglev Trains .......

Please give your COMMENTS on this topic written by Dr. Parames Ghosh & Mr. Pranab Ray Chaudhuri.

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  1. Two erudite engineers have written an excellent article on MAGLEV trains. The technology, pros and cons, feasibility of operation in India and progress in this respect have been expressed in a nutshell. Very compact and purposeful. Not even one word could be omitted. I am thankful to Dr. Paramesh Ghosh and Mr. Pranab Raychaudhuri to let me have an idea of MAGLEV trains, though I do not agree that such new-generation trains can be run in India - in view of high project cost, safety hazards and impediments in infrastructure development. However, lot of money would flow some of which would obviously slip into wrong pockets.

  2. Hi Subhas,

    I agree with you that India's planners should weigh costs and benefits of Maglev Trains. In my opinion, it would build India's image to other countries in the world as well as removing transportation bottlenecks. India's engineers can build nuclear power stations. In my opinion India has capability to build Maglev Trains.



  3. Hi Parames,

    Sorry for misspelling your name in the comment box.

    Well, I do not underestimate our engineers. Yes, they have the knowledge, aptitude and ability to build MAGLEV in India. I only questioned the feasibility of introducing such hi-tech trains in India. Again, developing a maintenance team and their deployment throughout the stations to check and correct azimuth alignment between the train and the track electromagnets would be difficult and expensive.

    You may feel that I am a person with negative attitude, but I always think of the negative points so that everything is taken care of before taking up the project.

    I once again congratulate you and Pranab for writing such an informative and lucid article.

    Best regards.


  4. Though Maglev is expensive, it will be pollution free Like all other Elecric propulsions! Any thing that does not produce greenhouse gases should be given a chance. However I foresee Solar Energy as the main Enery source within 4 to 5 decades, which will comletely eliminate fossile fuel. By that time our infrastructure must be capable of incorporating Electric drives such as Maglev.

  5. If India makes Maglev trains for use by other countries i.e for export only, then it may be conceivable but India using Maglev trains for their own carriage may not be that practicable at present as though there will be a few in India to take advantage of the speed and other advantages of Maglev spending more than the current cost, many may not have such need of fast transport and will not also be able to afford such high cost for their carriage, necessitating both types i.e existing train system and Maglev train system to run symultaneously from any station to another station. Hence , over and above the existing or further extention of the existing train system in India we will have to construct Maglev system additionally at a huge cost totally separately as one system is totally incompatible with the other.