Friday, April 8, 2011

IPKF in Sri Lanka শ্রীলংকায় ভারতের সেনা श्रीलंका में भारत का सेना

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Do you think the IPKF (Indian Peace Keeping Force) in Sri Lanka was a bad act by India ?
Why was it sent to Sri Lanka at all ?
Do you think taht the Indian army violated Human Rights codes in Sri Lanka?

Please write your opinion on this issue as a Comment on this page in English, Bengali or Hindi.

আশির দশকের শেষ দিয়ে যে ভারতীয় সেনাদলকে শ্রীলংকা তে পাঠানো হয়েছিল, তা কি আপনার মতে ভারতে একটি পক্ষে খারাপ কাজ করা হয়েছিল ?
সেই সেনাদলকে আদৌ কেন পাঠানো হয়েছিল ?
আপনার মতে কি শ্রীলংকায় গিয়ে ভারতীয় সেনাবাহিণী মানবাধিকার লঙ্ঘনের কাজ করেছিল ?
আপনার মতামত এই পাতায় Comment করে লিখে রেখে যান

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  1. Let me portray in brief the naked truth behind the state-sponsored Genocide and brutal atrocities over millions of innocent Tamil civilians (including children, old aged people and women who were not Tamil tigers) in Sri Lanka which ended with a blood-spattered mass destruction or you may call it a massive attempt of pre-planned ethnic cleansing in the name of counter-insurgency against LTTE rebels.
    Sri Lankan government did not allow UN and ICRC members in Vanni (Tamil place in Srilanka). They wanted to hide the news from the entire world. It was Planned and Perfect GENOCIDE! On the pretext of fighting the LTTE, Sri Lanka army targeted innocent civilians to terrorize and subjugate the Tamil people.
    Please go through the following website and explore the articles from the archive, you will be totally shocked and horrified.
    Please check the link-
    Grisly Photos Reveal Genocide by Sri Lankan Government against Tamil People-
    Previously banned photos from May 2009 published with this report: they are EXTREMELY GRAPHIC, not appropriate for kids.

    Please visit the websites-
    This horror-struck war of the Sri Lankan state backed by Rajiv Gandhi and other rulers of India on underprivileged Tamil people reminded us Hitler’s fascist aggression over Jews.
    What was Rajiv Gandhi’s IPKF? Was it “Indian Peace Keeping Force”? Not at all, it was Innocent People Killing Force. Indian peace keeping force had been involved violent act of killing, rape against tamilians in Sri Lanka. The simple fact of the matter is that a foreign country with invasive attitude like India, with designs of becoming a regional Superpower, manoeuvred to send its army to Sri Lanka as “Peace Keepers” but massacred thousands of innocent Tamil civilians, raped the women and plundered valuables.
    And this is the reason why Rajiv Gandhi was unkindly assassinated by a female suicide bomber at the meeting at Sriperumbudhur in Tamil Nadu.
    Please read this article depicting IPKF’s violence and atrocities over innocent Tamil civilians of Sri Lanka. “Memorial for IPKF - Innocent People Killing Force” by Dr. T. Somasekaram (Source: Sooriyan - March 21, 2004)
    Check the link:

  2. Those who are dishonest and heartless army men always speak utter lie to maliciously justify their violence, brutality and atrocities over innocent civilians.
    But here is an honest confession of a truthful brigadier regarding Rajiv Gandhi’s IPKF operation.
    ‘IPKF should not have been sent to Sri Lanka’ said retired Brigadier R R Palsokar who commanded a brigade of the Indian Peace Keeping Force (IPKF) in the war-torn country from December 1987 to December 1989.
    Though he was a commander of Indian army deployed in Sri Lanka Brigadier R R Palsokar honestly and straightforwardly opined that “the methods of fighting of LTTE may be unacceptable in any civilized society, but LTTE’s cause of insurgency might have been right”.

    He also said, “The Sinhalese, who are the majority in Sri Lanka (80 per cent), were not and still appear unwilling to give the Tamils (12 per cent) their due rights.”
    Lastly he stated, “As a brigade commander, I feel, we should not have gone in, but having gone in, we should not have left or been recalled because we were very close to finishing off the LTTE. If we had stayed for another six to eight months, things might have been different. Now, the LTTE might be destroyed, but the problems of the ethnic Tamils have not yet been addressed. If the Sri Lankan government wants genuine peace, it will have to treat the Tamils as true citizens.” (Interview of Brigadier Paloskar as told to Vishakha Sharma: Pune Mirror)
    Alas! Brigadier R R Palsokar could not comprehend that as a matter of fact the autocratic Sri Lankan government wanted annihilation of Tamil minority, their target was not just Tamil Tigers, their target was to cleanse poor Tamil civilians like fascist Hitler.
    Finally, Sri Lanka’s government declared “victory” in May, 2009, in one of the world’s most intractable wars after a series of battles in which it killed the leader of the Tamil Tigers, who had been fighting to create a separate homeland for the country’s ethnic Tamil minority. The United Nations said the conflict had killed between 80,000 and 100,000 people (nearly 1,40,000 according to unofficial records) in Sri Lanka since full-scale civil war broke out in 1983.
    People's Permanent Tribunal found Srilanka guilty of war crimes and Genocide. UN's Human Rights Chief was critical of Sri Lankan government Human rights records. US human rights report accused Sri Lankan rulers for the Human Rights violations.
    People from across the globe are condemning the Human rights violations of Sri Lankan government. And civilized society has been fighting hard to establish the justice to the Tamils. Killing of nearly 1,40,000 innocents, war crimes, ongoing slaughter on the journalists, moderates, reformists, artists and having opposition leader behind the bars make the Srilanka as a criminal and a failed state.
    For further study please check the link-

    An exclusive fact finding report written by an international lawyer Francis A. Boyle

    Sri Lanka’s government declared victory in May, 2009, in one of the world’s most intractable wars after a series of battles in which it killed the leader of the Tamil Tigers, who had been fighting to create a separate homeland for the country’s ethnic Tamil minority. The United Nations said the conflict had killed between 80,000 and 100,000 people in Sri Lanka since full-scale civil war broke out in 1983.
    A US State Department report offered a grisly catalogue of alleged abuses, including the killing of captives or combatants seeking surrender, the abduction and in some cases murder of Tamil civilians, and dismal humanitarian conditions in camps for displaced persons. Human Rights Watch said the U.S. report should dispel any doubts that serious abuses were committed during the final months of the 26-year civil war. The report gains added significance since, during these five months, the Sri Lankan Government denied independent observers, including the media and human rights organizations, access to the war zone, and conducted a “war without witnesses.”
    This book traces the ongoing engagement of international lawyer Francis A. Boyle during the last years of the conflict. Boyle was among the very few addressing the international legal implications of the Sri Lankan Government’s grave and systematic violations of Tamil human rights while the conflict was taking place. This is the first book to develop an authoritative case for genocide against the Government of Sri Lanka under international law.
    For further study please visit:

  4. "No soldier ever wants to go to war as he is the one who actually stands to lose irrespective of the outcome of the war."
    "The biggest casualty in war is TRUTH."
    A few facts which remains unknown to many about Indian engagement in Sri Lanka (SL)as epr Indo SL Peace Accord:
    1. Mandate for IPKF was to disarm all militants in Northern and Eastern SL.
    2. Establish an Interim Administrative Council(IAC) for smooth conduct of affairs in these areas.
    Turning point (though IPKF was inducted in Jul 1987) was due to LTTE's refusal to disarm and also its stated intention of dominating IAC.
    Flash point for LTTE offensive against IPKF
    1. Death of Thileepan on 26 Sep 87 which was due to fasting but was attributed to inadequate action of IPKF as per LTTE propaganda.
    2.Death of some 17 LTTE cadres including Pulendra and Kumarappa on 04 Oct 87 after consuming cyanide capsules again attributed to IPKF inaction to free them from SL Navy.
    LTTE launched an all out offensive against IPKF on 08 Oct 87.
    IPKF casualties - over 1200 dead and nearly 5000 injured.
    Analysis of these facts would clearly establish that IPKF was forced in to a war like situation by LTTE.
    IPKF mandate for operations against LTTE and other militant groups like TELO & EPRLF were:
    1. Open fire only when you have to, no indiscriminate firing to reduce collateral damage to life & property.
    2.Treat civilians with dignity.
    3.Respect the Law of the Land.
    Despite the above mandate of IPKF, there were incidents of excess by the IPKF. The authorities were swift to take action against the defaulters. Recall an incident of the locals complaining of a loss of a live chicken to the IPKF commander in Jaffna. The IPKF Commander asked for the cost of the same and paid the concerned civilian twice the stated amount. Also recall another incident in Vavuniya when villegers complained of misconduct by a soldier. Soldier in question happened to be a National Shooter. The Soldier was Court Martialed in next 48 Hours and sent home.
    It is also worth recalling that some friendship which started in Sri Lanka have blossomed over the years. These friends include a Tamil Professor form Jaffna University and a Tamil Muslim Head Master from Trincomalee. One of them also paid a visit to the Author while he was stationed in Chennai years later. Surely these would not have been possible if IPKF did not have a humane face.
    Whether IPKF should have been sent to SL, whether IPKF operations were justified are issues which historians would evaluate in due course. But as a soldier who participated in the ugly conflict, it is sad when our own countrymen do not understand the pain and the trauma that one has been through during the war.
    There were days when we survived on rice, salt and curd made from the powder milk that was air dropped. We neither asked for nor accepted any help from the local since they had been through much worse. There were incidents when LTTE cadres who had participated in operations against us were caught but treated with dignity since what they had done was what was expected of them as soldiers.
    Irrespective of what the impression of the others are about IPKF involvemnt in SL, as an infantry soldier who saw operations in SL from Nov 87 to Jun 89, covering from South of Jaffna Peninsula (Mankulam) to Batticolova (Eravur), I shall always be very proud of recalling my small part in helping the locals to live in peace and with dignity.

    Goutom Sikdar

  5. If you take up a Gun, for any cause, you have to be prepared for the consequences. In this case the Tamil Tigers had taken up guns against the Sri Lankan troops. It was a war! The civilians were dragged in to the conflict. Since the Tamils were solidly behind the Tigers, they sufferred.

  6. We are very happy as we find that a soldier has come up here and given us his side of the story. Thank you Sir for your comment. We also request you to tell us about anything that you want us to know. We also thank Rajesh Dutta for speaking up for the suffering lot. Through your discussions some of the truth will see the daylight!

  7. IPKF was sent to Sri Lanka by Rajib Gandhi's Govt at a time when it had become likely that if India did not go into Sri Lanka then USA was going in. We already had US presence in Pakistan and US base in Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean. It was to secure Indian Shores that India chose to enter Sri Lanka.

    Also there were reports that Isrealese were training the Sri Lankan army to tackle the Tigers. So In my opinion Rajib Gandhi's action of sending IPKF was a correct one.

    What happened later on, was not under his control as Goutam Sikdar's comment suggests. The Tigers did not take the Indians as friends.