Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Who should be the next President of India

The big question now is:-

Who should be the next President of India
We already have three names.
1. Shri. Bhairon Singh Shekhawat.
2. Shri. Pranab Mukherjee.
3. Shri. Somnath Chatterjee.

So friends, please give your opinion about this issue.
How do they fare against the present President Shri. APJ Abdul Kalam ? If none from the above list then Who should he or She be? What should be his or her back ground, stature, service to the nation, and other criterias ? Remember He or She is going to become our First Citizen.
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  1. Why should the president APJ Abdul Kalam not be given another term? His contribution to modern India in the 21st century is beyond any doubt. Even though he does not have a political background, his actions made the Indian Cabinet think twice on the controvertial issues. His personal life, integrity and honesty is of such dimensions that it makes me wonder if he belongs to the Gandhi-Netaji era.
    So why not him again?

  2. শ্রী প্রণব মুখার্জীর নাম আগামী রাষ্ট্রপতি পদে বাম দলেরা তুলেছেন | কেন?

  3. mayaboti naki congress ke somorthon korte raji hoyechhe, 70,000 koti taka UP ke sahajyer binimoy! soniaji rashtrapati pochhondo korben. Shibraj Patilji ek somoy Lok Sabhar speaker chhilen. tar naam i beshi sunchhi.
    odike CPM er candidate sri Pranab Mukherjir naam ektu pechhone. In fact takei naki dayityo deoa hoyechhe Shibraj Patil er jonne somorthon jogar korar!
    jai bolun Kalam saheb er por ei naam guli boddo fikey!

  4. Nice to have this discussion.
    It is indeed a great time in our history. A lady has been nominated for the post of the President of India.
    Smt. Pratbha Patil, the Governor of Rajasthan and who runs many organistions for the women and the needy, was also her college TT champion ! At least we will again have a President who also does good work besides only talking, like most politicians!

  5. I am happy that at least Crafty Pranab Mukherjee is not going to be the President.

    Ami khushi ei jene je Jilipi Pranab Mukherjee rashtrapati hoben na.

  6. So you all think that they can replace Abul Pakir Jainalabedin Abdul Kalam! Such men are not born everyday.

  7. নতুন রাষ্ট্রপতি খোঁজার
    কাজ হয়েছে শুরু।
    "জো হুজুরী"নাহি ছিলেন,
    তাই, কুঁচকে সবার ভুরু।
    একে একে যে সব নামের
    প্রকাশ পাচ্ছে শুনি,
    সে সব কিন্তু নয়তো এত
    মহান এবং গুণী।
    ভোটের স্বার্থে তাঁকে নিয়ে
    সেদিন কি নাচ নাচন,
    আজকে সবার অপছন্দ
    "জী হুজুর"নাহি কন।
    এই কালাম এর কাছেই সারা
    ভারত শিখলো আবার,
    পচন ছাড়া এই দেশেতে
    মানুষ কেমন হবার ।

  8. Are we really qualified according to our constitution to select, choose or even opein on who should be our next president? Generally once in five years we come into the picture to give our prefence among the candidates for M.P's and M.L.A's. This itself is not really selection. Then ,we are not coming into the picture about who is ruling, how we are being ruled, whether the ruling method is for or against our national interest etc. for the next five years or if the ruling party, because of their mis-governance, cannot hold on to the chair for full term. President is elected by these people, who pretend to be our representative but actually pseudo-king without inheriting right( at present obtaining that right also indirectly)and for a limited period( they have their ways to make it unlimited), from a list of candidates already decided by their parties . Though it is a conscience vote, all know about politician's conscience. So, why break our head on some fruitless exercise as despite our united wisdom and selfless love and respect for our country, we do not at all come near touching the president electing machinery of Inda. Say, we now all know who is expected to be our next president. But, would anyone of us have chosen her as our next president when this question was raised by Milansagar? So, either change the rule or accept what is lotted. That will at least reduce dissatisfaction.

  9. This is the first time in the history of India that the most probable candidate for the post of the President is so much tainted. Every day new allegations are coming out in the media.
    We must not forget that we get the govt we deserve! Similarly we get our leaders that we deserve. We have become corrupt to the core ourselves. Therefore we will surely not like to have clean people to lead us too!

  10. There will always be a first time for any new thing. But such and similar things had happened, is happening and will happen continuously in every sphere of our life where one minor group forced on the other major group their decisions and actions irrespective whether both the groups are corrupt.
    Can we really do anything in the present system other than liking their decision unless we all combine and protest and start a new 'French Revolution'. But if we look at us ,can we really unite as many of us have personally fallen into a 'paie debar rajniti'.
    But we must be hopeful, be optimistic, think above our selfishness as we cannot live alone and can live only collectively . So, collective interest must get preference over personal interest.

  11. How to go about doing that? What are the options?

  12. Many many Gandhi-like persons must make people understand that it is in their own personal interest that they give more value to collective interest. Till that happens that is people in general give more value to collective interest than their own personal interest there is no option in achieving it in any other way. However, we must be optimistic, understand we have very little capacity compared to this great universe, try to adjust ourselves with the present situation as much as possible and follow the above idea in our, (whoever want), life and believe in 'ke sara sara'- 'whatever will be , will be '.
    I can only write what I think. I am too small to make things happen or find out the ways for it.

  13. প্রতিভা পাতিল এখন আমাদের রাষ্ট্রপতি পদে । তাকে কি ভাবে ডাকা হবে তা সরকারীভাবে ঠিক হয়েছে কিনা এখনও জানি না । যে নামেই ডাকা হোক এটা তো প্রমাণ হয়েছে কে এই পদে ,ঠিক করে বলতে গেলে যে কোনো সরকারী নির্বাচিত পদে , অভিষিক্ত হবেন তা জনসাধারণের মতামত বা রাজী হওয়া বা অরাজী হওয়ার উপর নির্ভর করে না । দক্ষ বাজীকর যেমনভাবে নাড়ায় আমাদের মত পুতুলদের তেমনভাবেই নাচতে হয় ।

  14. শ্রীমতী প্রতিভা পাতিল এখন আমাদের রাষ্ট্রপতি পদে নির্বাচিত হয়েছেন ।
    হিন্দিতে তাঁকে শ্রীমতী রাষ্ট্রপতি বলা হচ্ছে ও ইংরেজীতে Madam President ।
    এ ছাড়া তিনি সকল মামলা মকদ্দমার ঊর্দ্ধে । খবরে প্রকাশ - ব্যাঙ্ক, চিনি কল, সাংসাদ কোটা বিলি ইত্যাদি নিয়ে জালিয়াতির অভিযোগ ছাড়াও তাঁর স্বামী ও ভাই এর বিরুদ্ধে একটি খুন এর অভিযোগে সি-বি-আই তদন্ত চলছে ।

  15. মিলনসাগর খবরের কাগজে যা পড়েছি তাই পুনরায় লিখেছেন । বক্তব্য কি আমার মতকে সমর্থন করা। যা উনি লিখেছেন তা চিরদিন হয়েছে ,হচ্ছে ও হবে । আমরা মাথা ঘামিয়ে কি করব।