Tuesday, July 31, 2007

সঞ্জয় দত্তের সাজা Sanjay Dutt's sentence

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আজ, ৩১ জুলাই ২০০৭ তারিখে, মুম্বাই এর TADA আদালত বলিউডের অভিনেতা সঞ্জয় দত্ত কে, ১৯৯৩ এর মুম্বাই বম্ব ব্লাস্ট কেসে-এ জরিত থাকার জন্য, ৬ বছরের সশ্রম কারাদণ্ডে দণ্ডিত করেছেন। সাজাটা কি একটু কড়া হয়ে গেল ?

Today, the 31st of July 2007, the mumbai TADA court has sentenced Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt to 6 years of rigorous imprisnment for his involvement in the 1993 Mumbai Bomb blast case. Is this verdict too harsh ?

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  1. So far as I am concerned , I would have preferred a lenient or no penalty with caution and asking for apology. My logic is as under:
    1. He is excused from being a member of terrorist group directly involved in the blast.
    2. He had himself volunteered the information that he had connection /contact with the named terrorists. Connection with one or many bad people cannot be treated as a major crime unless real offence is committed or direct link in terrorism is proved.
    3. He is guilty of only keeping weapons illegally. After so many years , after already spending so many months behind bars earlier for an assumed major crime , without him ever be in a position to lie about this fact and most importantly anxiety, depression and social hurdles he suffered for so many years for this crime , without any personal interest, either by mistake and brain-washing or by compulsion because of fear from the underworld , him not being arrogant about the law and punishment, it could have been considered he had already been punished for this offence.
    4. He being a forceful and immensely popular artist having a few more years of acting career left whereby public would have got more entertainment from him. Artists are to be considered as emotional and not a strict keeper of social and family laws and custom. Since the society as a whole is benefited by the artists and because of only artists a society develops , since they are the main creators of all the various aspects on which our human society progresses, artists should be treated with leniency.
    5. In case we consider Sanjay Dutt as an artist I prefer him to be pardoned with caution and apology.
    6. If , however, he is considered as a normal Indian citizen like all of us I feel the punishment is too low and calls for many explanations.

  2. Bua's comment is very balanced. However the answer to his last question has the key to the main answer ie. Was Sanjay Dutt considered as an Artist or an ordinary citizen?

  3. At present he must have been considered as a normal citizen, as I do not think our legal system has any bye-rule for special treatment to the artists though it has soft corner for the aged, handicapped,pregnant woman , family responsibility etc.
    Moreover, he has been tried in TADA court whereas the TADA court itself admitted that his offence is not related to terrorism.So, another clarification may be needed whether he can be tried by the court involved.
    Who will give us such information and clarification? That is the reason I only narrated my wish.

  4. Today's quote from Telegraph....
    Satish Mathur, IGP, Maharashtra said " Sanjay ( Dutt) said he could act. But that is no use to us."
    We need happiness and it is a fact that his acting gives us happiness. So, it is very much useful to all.

  5. Indeed. It is true that by acting an actor does not do any real work. He is only showing us what others do in order to to carry out a job or expression or what ever. That is his true talent. And since we all feel happy or sad or we confront some of the real issues through an actors actions, we surely benifit. May be that is why they are paid generourly (not in all cases though). Their actions affect the whole society. Perhaps that is one BIG reason for them to behave properly in their lives, as that also affects the society.

  6. You are quite correct . Actors, why only actors all types of artists , by their creative action develops the total society . Since most of the time they become the role model ,they should be of exemplary character. But water always oozes out from a totally full vessel with a little jerk but little full vessels never let the water out even if shaken quite hard. Since they are full of human qualities like emotion,sentiment,anger,sorrow,happiness,sadness etc. with a little excitement most of the time they may not retain the rigid limit of
    what they should do and what not. They get more guided by that quality at that moment. That is why they are mostly emotional and impulsive.
    Reading that quote of IGP, Maharashtra I thought of another thing. Why the specilist in a particular job will do manual work if convicted. He should get the opportunity to do his specialised job even in jail so that the society is benefitted by that special job. If acting is someone's profession or someone is very good at acting he should be encouraged to continue with that even in jail as that brings more benefit to the society as he brings happiness to all. To get manual work done by a poet/singer while in custody is actually a loss to the entire mankind.

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  10. Sanjoy Dutt has now been released on bail . Unfortunately a few policemen are suspened as they hugged and shook hands with willing Sanjay Dutt while he was being released on bail as policemen were not supposed to follow any such social custom with the convict. However, the policemen never embraced or shook hands with the convict Sanjay Dutt but with artist Sanjay Dutt. Their inside must have told them to pay respect to the artist in that manner. It is not imaginable that our jail policemen will act so with normal convicts. So, the fact finding committee , if it is setup by the police and jail authorities must look at this angle also. But can they and will they under our present system of ruling?