Wednesday, June 13, 2007

ফরসা হবার বিজ্ঞাপন নিষিদ্ধ হোক Ban fairness enhancing ads

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ফরসা হবার প্রসাধনী দ্রব্যের বিজ্ঞাপন নিষিদ্ধ করা উচিত ! এটা একশো ভাগ বর্ণ বিদ্বেষ মূলক প্রচার ! মানবতা বিরোধী !
Body fairness enhancing ads should be banned ! They are cent percent discriminatory and racial in nature. They violate Human Rights !

The ads for the cosmetics claiming to make you look fair have taken over the advertising world by storm. They are only trying to sell their products which normally should not create any problem. But in doing so they are showing that being dark complexioned (Being Black) is bad and disadvantageous in life. A clear case of cashing in on the "Colour of skin factor" which stinks of Racisim. We believe that this form of blatant racial ads should be stopped. The Govt. of India and it's Censor board should put an end to this blasphemy against Humanity. It is not only vulgar but it is also steadily inducing inferiority complex in dark complexioned girls. And now Boys too!!
Please give your comments on this issue in either Bengali, Hindi or English.

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  1. Thanks for saying something on behalf of dark people.

  2. There is no doubt that it is true that if you are fair you have a better chance at anything.

  3. Advertisers must always be given permission to advertise what they are producing to sell as long as they do not lie about their product or others. Producers or their agents are generally the advertisers. In this instance, they are advertising a product which they have designed and manufactured based on their knowledge that it will sell well i.e. people will buy the product.That means the people or at least Indian people, though generally dark complexioned, like to be fair and ,as they go to astrologers, they accept such products which at least give them some mental satisfaction that they are becoming fair. Is there anything racial about this desire? It is always better to work for majorities' satisfaction and if these companies through their products, if not give real fairness , can give them at least a mental satisfaction about getting fair,they are actually doing something positive for the society. When our own idea will change such products will not sell and they will not also manufacture. But at present there is no reason to ban such advertisements.

  4. So what happens to the dark or black people who are being constantly bombarded with these ads that being black is bad? What about their mental satisfaction?

  5. They will keep on shouting only as long as we have the virtual notion that black as body colour is bad and we tend to change our colour from black to fair in order to be good. The same condition will remain in the society i.e. that particular notion due to which black colour people will have an inferiority complex and will use various means to change their body colour to fair even if the advertisers stop shouting i.e. such advertisement is banned. Banning such advertisement will not eradicate such problem. May be people will lean towards more injurious treatment and god-cure.

  6. একটি খবর!
    দৈনিক স্টেটসম্যান, দিল্লী, ৬ এপ্রিল ২০০৮ -
    মেয়েদের গায়ের রঙ কালো অথবা কোনো মেয়েকে দেখতে খারাপ এ নিয়ে সমালোচনা করলে তা আইনের চোখে দণ্ডনীয় অপরাধ বলে জানিয়ে দিল সুপ্রিম কোর্ট | এমন কি, এই ধরনের সমালোচনা কন মহিলার উপর শারীরিক অত্যাচারের চেয়েও ভয়াবহ বলে মনে করছেন আইনজ্ঞরা|

    In a resent judgement(6th April, New Delhi, Dainik Statesman), the Hon. Supreme Court of India has said that calling a woman black or ugly will be construed as illigal under section 498-A of The Indian Penal Code. The court also said that it will be treated as "Mental and Emotional Cruelty".

    In this particular case Faruk Bacha used to dislike his wife Fatima because she was not fair looking. Faruk's remarks about Fatima's looks used to create constant problem in their house. Unable to bear it any longer, Fatima committed suicide in 1999 within 2 month's of their marriage. The Hon. Madras High Court sentenced Faruk to 2yrs of Rigorous Imprisonment. The Hon. Supreme Court of India Upheld the Madras High Court Verdict.

  7. This Landmark judgement is certainly a stepping stone for millions of women in this country and sub-continent.

    We know about a peculier midset of majority of the men folk of Hindu Bengalis! We are sure if you are a Bengali Hindu, you too must have either observed this or have been a party to it!

    The Bengali men/youth/boys pray to Goddess Kali, who is black in complexion, for carrying them through all their difficulties like passing exams, winning football matches, getting jobs, winning law suits, and yes! getting a beautiful wife too! the list is endless!
    But when it comes to selecting their bride, she must be like Goddess Lakshmi, who is fair in complexion!

    The Fairness Ad wallahs are only making use of this midset, which must be shatterred and thrown to the dustbin of time.