Tuesday, September 25, 2007

মিলনসাগরের নতুন কবি NEW POETS IN MILANSAGAR

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বাংলা কবিতা

মিলনসাগরে নতুন কবি
বীরচন্দ্র মাণিক্য, মহারাজBINAPANI DEBI  (১৩)


  1. Mrs. J.K.Rowling writes one after another best selling books based on Harry Potter. She is never considered or will be considered in future for nobel prize or even any other low ranking prize in literature. Nobel committee or for that matter any committee or groups of judges never consider how many copies of the book , which they are deciding as the best book , are sold in the market in how many countries in how many languages. However, this is also a fact that the writer of the best selling book earns more than the nobel lauriate. The publishers will always be interested to pay more money to the author of best selling book than the writer getting nobel prize in literature. The publisher is in business and his main concern is earning as much profit as possible from an investment. Hence, commercial ventures cannot be mixed with artistic expression. The long-standing fame, respect, love a nobel lauriate gets as a social reformer , philosopher, real human and above all entertainer and developer for mankind as a whole for the present as well as the future generations makes a mockery of the immediate return a best selling book's author gets. The return that the nobel lauriate gets for himself and gives to the mankind in general cannot be equated with money. So, his action can no way be commercial. His merit can only be judged by others equally merited. The popularity does not play much part.
    In the present context , the entire competetion is commercial, earning and distribution of the amount collected is the main goal and it can only be done if the programme entertains the viewer. So, it must be of the best quality in all respect. The earning is concentrated on advertisement and SMS. The more the SMS, the more the popularity, the more the advertisement, the more the earning , the more the prize money , the more the better production, the more the better singers or dancers, the more the viewers , the more the advertisement , the more the SMS. So,the vicious circle goes on. On what basis we can even propse there should not be SMS to judge a singer. The programmer decides what should be done and what not. We can maximum refuse seeing such programmes. But the sheer popularity tells us that we do not take that road.
    So, the programmer should actually take all steps to ensure the number of SMS increase to the maximum, the judgement, irrespective of the well-known judges, is based on the SMS so the senders of these SMS feel they are the deciding factor resulting in more SMS. Hence, many participants are chosen from small towns, regionalism is provocated, best performer is eliminated to prove the supremacy of the SMS, nationalism takes a back seat, the participants and viewers both look from the angle of their small regions , judges and the anchors act well to ignite regionalism over nationalism.
    In fact popularity of such programmes and the mad rush for sending SMS for the regional participant only brings out the total decadence of our national character.
    If national leaders still exist in our country , they should stop such programmes whose main bread-earning is regionalism.

  2. Just as we write this comment, Siliguri in West Bengal is burning! What ever may have been the triggaring incident, there are clashes going on between Prashant Tamang Fan Club and others. Section 144 of IPC has been enforced in many parts of the city. Extra Police has been called in from neighbouring towns like Jalpaiguri.
    In retaliation, the situation in Darjeeling has also turned tense. Schools have been closed down.
    We all understand and know too well, who are actually fighting in the garb of fan clubs. It is not the fans, it is the communities that are on the streets.

    This was bound to happen as we have stated in the post.
    The authorities must take note of this and stop this SMS business immidiately for any other program in India. India, it seems, is not yet prepared for this technology and democratic mind frame.